Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Dress Code

Acceptable Dress for Students

  • Cover all sensitive parts of the body.
  • NOT be either TIGHT or TRANSPARENT
  •  NOT be dirty, rough or shabby.
  •  Distinguish between gender of the wearer.

  •  Generally be MODERATE in their overall appearance.

Q. Responsibility as a College Member

As members of the College , all students are expected to respond to situations and conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. Each student is expected to abide by the College regulations, rules, and the laws of the land and also conform to such regulations and instructions made or given by the College  Management.

Q. Prohibited Dress for Female Students

Wearing of clothes with the following characteristics are PROHIBITED

  •  Transparent clothes and clothes that reveal sensitive parts are prohibited.
  • Dropping shawls and scarves over sleeveless dresses.
  •  Sleeveless dresses with very tiny singlet – like straps (spaghetti strap, shoulders, wicket straps, mono-straps).
  •  Strapless blouses or short blouses that do not cover the hip line.
  • Low neck dresses.
  •  Dress and skirts with slit above the knee (mini).
  •  Dresses and skirts with slit above the knees.
  • Tight trousers and dresses (over hanging/clinging clothing) including body hugs, hip stand trousers and any clothing made from stretching, elastic material.
  • Trousers or trouser suits with blouses/jackets that are above hip line.
  •  Outfits such as T – shirts and jeans which carry obscene and subliminal messages.
  •  Coloured hair and coloured attachments with two or more shade of
  •  Anklets and ring on toes
  •  The use of face caps and dark eye glasses (except for sports and other related events).

  •  Tattooing at any part of the body (any tattoo done before admission into the College shall be declared during Registration in the first year).

Q. Prohibited Dress for Male Students

The following types of dresses are prohibited to male students:

  • Wearing of sleeveless clothes.
  •  Shirts which are not properly buttoned up and shirt collars that are left flying.
  • Short knickers/boxers.
  •  Pulling down trouser to the hip line (sagging).
  •  T – shirt and jeans which carry obscene and subliminal
  •  Wearing of ear rings, bracelets and ankle chains.
  • Wearing of head ties.
  •  Braiding, perming of hair, Jerry curls, plating and

  • Use of face and dark eye glasses (except for sports and other related events).

Q. Penalties for Improper Dressing

Verbal warning for the first offence.

  •  A written warning for repeated offence and a copy of the letter would be filed in the student’s personal file in the department and the parents/guidance of the student may be copied accordingly.
  • Suspension for repeating the offenses for the second time. The student is recommended to be suspended for a period of one semester by Student’s Disciplinary Committee and approved by the Provost.
  • Expulsion from the College for repeating the offence for the third time.
  •  A staff is mandated not to attend to any student that violates the dress code and such student should be sent out of the lecture halls or office and shall be reported to the Head of Department for appropriate action.
  • Offences that warrant suspension/expulsion shall be forwarded to the Student’s Disciplinary Committee by Head of Department through the College Registrar.

Q. Classrooms

  • Classrooms are provided with sufficient desks and chairs for normal classes.’ Students are not allowed or permitted to remove any furniture or fitting from the classrooms for any reason
  •  The class captains or delegates are charged with the responsibility of switching off lights in their various classrooms/reading rooms after lectures/reading hours.

  •  Students are not allowed to remain in the classrooms after 6:00 p.m.

Q. Attendance

All students must attend classes from the first day of the session regularly and . A minimum of 70%  attendance of classes/ lectures is stipulated.

Attendance registers will be kept with the class captains. Students who do not obtain the required minimum attendance will not be allowed to sit for the end of the semester examination.

Q. Lectures

  • After lecture starts, a student can enter a class only with the consent of the lecturer. It is strictly forbidden for a student to walk out of a class after the commencement of lectures without the consent of the lecturer concerned.

  •  Students are expected to remain quiet and attentive during lectures, consequently use of mobile handsets or any sound making electronic device during lectures or practical sessions is Any student who fails to observe this requirement is to be sent out of the class by the lecturer.

Q. Smoking

Students should note that smoking in the entire College premises is prohibited. 

Q. Firewater

Sales and consumption of liquor and any other intoxicants is prohibited in the College premises and it constitutes gross misconduct.

Q. College Vehicles

  • The college   will  provide transport to students only for academic, sporting and social activities. Request for transport to take part in a demonstration or to convey a demand will not be entertained.

Q. Means of Identification

 Students are expected to present their ID Cards at the College entrance gate.

When students are required to identify themselves by an authorized person, they  must do so by producing their identity cards.

Q. Students Problem

Academic problems and personal problems should be discussed with, class tutor, Level  coordinator or Student Affairs Officer before channeling the issue to the appropriate unit.

Q. 11. Absenteeism

  •   Absence from lectures. will only be excused with permission of the Head of Department through the course Lecturer
  •        Absence by a student for more than a day or for longer period must be with written permission of the Dean through the Head of Department.

  •          In exceptional circumstances, permission for absence granted due to serious illness provided a Medical Certificate acceptable to the College  Medical Officer or Director is produced.

Q. Application

Prospective Students are expected to have jamb result with minimum of 100 points for NCE & minimum of 180 for Degree.

Prospective Students are expected to search for the College Accredited Combinations via this link:>Academics>Schools and Departments>Learn More>View Departments.

Prospective Students are expected to Apply via:>Application Links.

Application and Screening Fee is expected to be paid via the College Website after account has being created.

Take note of the created Username & Password because that will be your medium of communication with the College.

Admission Letter will be downloaded via your created account.

Note:  Scanned Colored & Recent Passport Photograph is mandatory because the Passport picture will be used on your ID Card & Exam Card if being admitted.  

Q. Registration

Fresh Students are expected to pay their Registration fee via their created account, then Generate Semester Form & Exams Card.

Returning Students are expected to pay their Registration fee via their account and also generate Semester & Exam Card.

All Payments are expected to be made within the stipulated time, the registration portal will be closed after the stipulated time, late Registration attracts penalty and if a student failed to register within the ADD & DROP time then he/she will not be considered as Student.